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Paul Michael Graves

b. 1976 , San Bernardino , California

Paul Michael Graves began his art practice as an abstract oil painter while serving in the US Air Force as an officer and helicopter pilot flying and commanding special operations missions. Later, while studying architecture at Columbia University, Paul received formal training to channel his artistic voice and analytical strength into artistic expression.

His ‘technobabble’ line work derives from his left-brained backgrounds of mathematics, aviation, and architecture. He plays with pattern, repetition, and basic geometry to represent an abstract diagrammatic language. His paintings quote graffiti and pop art of he 1980’s while commenting on technology’s ever-increasing influence on contemporary culture. Paul’s art resembles circuity, machines, maps, or formulas; inviting the viewer into an endless world of algorithm.

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Fig. XXIX.

Paul Michael Graves, "Drawing 10.07.2022.," acrylic, sumi ink on drafting film

Drawing 10.07.2022.

Paul Michael Graves, "Fig. LXI.," oil on panel

Fig. LXI.

Rhizome 01

Paul Michael Graves, "Drawing 20.05.2022," enamel on drafting film

Drawing 20.05.2022