Monika Bravo

b. 1964 , Bogotá , Colombia

Multi-media artist Monika Bravo was born in Bogotá, Colombia and studied in Paris and Rome before settling in New York City to begin her art career in 1994. Bravo’s body of work takes multiple forms from immersive, interactive sound and light installations to technicolor geometric abstract collages mounted to glass. Bravo’s practice is grounded in her curiosity for the world around her and the laws which govern it. Of her work, Bravo states, “the plurality of forms, the amalgam of experience that overload our senses is the ultimate form of art since it is through the hyper-sensorial that art runs across experience and subjectivities; the multiplicity of mediums; shapes and colors and their relation not only to our mind, but to our body is expressed through these multi-modal pieces I create.”

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Duration Langone 02

The Space Between 3


URUMU WEAVING TIME, diagonal paper