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Laura Fayer

b. 1969 , Concord, MA

Abstract painter and printmaker, Laura Fayer, address landscapes and the natural world through an intricate process of layering paint and graphic marks. Deeply influenced by wabi-sabi, or the Japanese principle of the beauty in imperfection, Fayer creates her paintings by overlaying translucent washes of color with designs inspired by her background in drawing. Using custom printmaking tools, she either prints directly onto the canvas or collages layers of printed rice paper over the paint. Repeating this process multiple times, Fayer creates a gradual ebb and flow of energy and rest, reminiscent of moments of natural beauty such light across the water’s surface.

cv statement
Laura Fayer, "Garden Diary," acrylic and Japanese paper on panel

Garden Diary

Cloud Nine

Laura Fayer, "Beautiful Wind," acrylic and Japanese paper on canvas

Beautiful Wild

Laura Fayer, "Awakening," acrylic and Japanese paper on canvas


Laura Fayer, "Natural Selection 211," acrylic, rice paper on paper

Natural Selection 211