Kaz Strankowski

b. 1977 , Auckland, New Zealand

Photographer, Kaz Strankowski, is profoundly influenced by Modernism’s direct, geometric sensibilities both in architecture and photography. Working almost exclusively in black and white, Strankowski allows the angles, negative space, and chiaroscuro to moves away from the blunt description of documentary photography in favor of the clean, minimal aesthetics of abstraction. Kaz’s minimal, geometric photographs isolate details of classic modernist architecture from their geographic and temporal settings, creating a stillness and calm to the images thereby unhindered by context. Kaz notes that it is, ‘important for me to place these forms outside of time and location. I want to isolate structure and remove associations with current context…I am not interested in the decay of the buildings; I am more interested in their timelessness.’

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Wing 1

Valencia B

St Johns 6

St Johns 15

St Johns 2