Jeremy Kidd

b. 1962 , UK

I aim to present a condensed vision of multiple photographs as a metaphor for repeated perceptual glances. By conveying an animated experience of the dynamic urban infrastructure, this body of work seeks to explore transcendental and emotive qualities in the urban landscape. These idealized arrangements of architecture, light and space introduce the notion of subjective memory in photography, altering the image from its original source.

Through exploring transcendental urban/landscapes it seems unrealistic to expect a single photographic shot, a single moment in time, to convey the human experience of seeing. We visually explore our environment in the third and fourth dimensions as we build our personal visual journey. Composing up to 100 long exposures into a single piece allows me to explore movement and condensed time. It lends itself to my concerns with exemplifying the transcendental and the essence of place.

Though I am not directly referencing (Hudson River School Painters) I draw parallels with the artist’s methods and have in mind the often-transcendental qualities that are encountered in their landscapes. However I aim to extol something of this spirit within the urban context. An “urbanized Idealism”.


Time Square 1

Desert to Palm

Sydney Opera 1

The Adelburg Silent Boats 1

Tower Bridge 1