In the Studio with Kaz Strankowski

February 1st, 2023

Photographer Kaz Strankowski virtually sat down with us to discuss what motivates his artistic practice and what defines success to him. Strankowski works almost exclusively in black and white, allowing the angles, negative space, and chiaroscuro to move away from the blunt description of documentary photograph in favor of the clean, minimal aesthetics of abstraction. His minimal, geometric photographs isolate details of classic modernist architecture from their geographic and temporal settings, creating a stillness and calm to the images thereby unhindered by context.

CBCA: Your art aims to communicate what?

KS: I am interested in the relationship between form and light, and the spaces they create. It appears that buildings and sculptures exist outside of time and space with no sense of cultural context, which is intentional. Reduction and abstraction in my work provide a calming respite from the oversaturated world of advertising messages and photographic commodification. Because they are quite large and evoke a transcendental stillness and calmness, my photographs can easily absorb the viewer. This is not architecture documentation, but rather expression of an ideal.

How has your work been influenced by artists or movements?

A fundamental element of my work is my adherence to the philosophy of modernism, characterized by its idealism, simplicity, and purity. Modernist theory is primarily the removal of the unnecessary and the refinement of the essential. I mostly focus on classic modernist architecture, but not exclusively. Artist influences include Hiroshi Sugimoto, Lucien Herve, De Carava, Ezra Stoller, Bill Henson and Luisa Lambri.

What motivates you to create art?

Creating is my default state, and it is where I find meaning and bliss. The benefit is that others can enjoy the outcome of this process. One of the best aspects of this profession is that its work has a timeless value that transcends time and culture.

Are there any creative mediums that you would love to explore?

My work is inspired by my passion for sculpture, which I hope is evident. I’m interested in creating sculptural works with repetitions made of wood or metal that are wall-mounted and more accessible.

Twins 1
Kaz Strankowski
Deflect 5
Kaz Strankowski
Kaz Strankowski
New Zealand 1
Kaz Strankowski
Kaz Strankowski
Untitled III
Kaz Strankowski