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Wednesday, February 3, 2022 – Thursday, June 2, 2022
Group Exhibition

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Oona Radcliffe
The Possibilities of Things (5), Sarah Hinckley
The Possibilities of Things (5)
Sarah Hinckley
Jill Moser
Claudia Mengel, "Reflections I," monotype
Reflections I
Claudia Mengel
Untitled 037
Catherine Chesters
Series L2
Betsy Davidson
Drew King, "Edgewater," acrylic, oil on canvas
Drew King
Laura Moretz, "Breaking Through the Dream," acrylic, enamel, pastel, marker, charcoal on raw canvas
Breaking Through the Dream
Laura Moretz
Laura Moretz, "Come Closer into the Feeling," acrylic, enamel, pastel, marker, charcoal on raw canvas
Come Closer into the Feeling
Laura Moretz
Perfect/Imperfect 3
Santiago Lozano
Cynthia Kirkwood, "Two Diamonds, One Mountain," gouache on paper
Two Diamonds, One Mountain
Cynthia Kirkwood
Laura Fayer, "A Clear Radiance," acrylic, Japanese paper on canvas
A Clear Radiance
Laura Fayer
Teresa Waterman, "Remind Me 5," mixed media on paper
Remind Me 5
Teresa Waterman
Cynthia Kirkwood, "Two, Green and Pink," serigraph on Fabriano paper
Two, Green and Pink
Cynthia Kirkwood
Series L1
Betsy Davidson
Laura Fayer, "Lucky Penny," acrylic, japanese paper on canvas
Lucky Penny
Laura Fayer
Jeremy Kidd, "Brooklyn Bridge 1," hand-cut archival print on plexi, aluminum
Brooklyn Bridge 1
Jeremy Kidd
Michael Filan, "A Child's Dream,"
A Child’s Dream
Michael Filan
Geoffrey Moss, "Popsicle Series: Creamsicle Melting #2," oil stick, lithographic crayon on paper
Popsicle Series: Creamsicle Melting #2 Geoffrey Moss
Opening Up
Claudia Mengel
Jill Moser, "12.7.04 - C," casein on paper
Jill Moser
Mary Manning, "Libra," mixed media, monoprint, encaustic on paper
Mary Manning
Gunnar Theel, "P94," oil on canvas
Gunnar Theel
Catherine Chesters, "Spring 01," pigment, acrylic inks, felt pen, shellac varnish, acrylic spray on paper
Spring 01
Catherine Chesters
Zemma Mastin White
Drew King, "Holiday," oil on canvas
Drew King
Robert Szot, "Untitled 30," oil, charcoal on linen
Untitled 30
Robert Szot
Popsicle Series: Popsicle at Sea #2
Geoffrey Moss

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