cynthia byrnes


With a background in both creative and corporate worlds, Cynthia Byrnes recognized a need in the art market to combine art and commerce more intuitively. In 2008, she filled the gap. Starting with a small group of artists, Cynthia founded the CBCA digital platform based on her belief that it can be simple to find extraordinary art. The visionary Gallery and online workspace was conceived to go beyond the traditional art acquisition experience, allowing clients to discover, organize, curate, collaborate and select art in a seamless, thoughtful process.

With a deep appreciation for art, Cynthia is equally focused on helping her clients. She brings a natural ability to curate art that’s right for each client while surprising and inspiring with a fresh point of view. Her uniquely collaborative work with collectors, designers, architects, landscape architects and art professionals is one of the most rewarding parts of her job.

Cynthia brings 20 years of experience through her previous tenure at Conde Nast’s Architectural Digest and Vanity Fair, and advertising agencies Wells Rich Greene and Y&R.