Claudia Mengel + Paul Michael Graves

May 19 – 22, 2022
508 W 26th St #12A, New York, NY 10011

Artist Panel

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Press Release

The Collaborative Journey

A glimpse of Claudia’s new works Millers Pond I and Millers Pond II

Are we precious about beauty but we find a freedom in destruction?
– Claudia Mengel

Time lapse of Paul Michael Graves working on his new Piece Fig. LXXX.

I’m Playing With Opposites And Subverting Those Polarities. Like, I’m Painting The Background Not The Foreground And Not The Figure. You Know? I’m Using This Element Of Chaos And Then I’m Being Super Meticulous And Clean In Other Areas. I’m Sketchy And Messy In One Font And Then I’m Detailed And Ordered In Another. There’s A Centralized Sort Of Epicenter That Could Resemble Shards Of Glass Or A Blast Radius. Every One Of These Paintings Has A Center And Things Sort Of Splattering Out From There And A Different Linework Will Be Superimposed Over That That’s More Orthogonal. Round Versus Square, Super Clean Edges Versus Rough Edges. I’m Playing With All These Opposites In The Work. To Highlight One [Beauty] I Need To Create Something Different [Destructive] To Highlight The Messiness I Need To Show You Something Very Clean And Orderly.

– Paul Michael Graves


Paul Michael Graves
Claudia Mengel, "Johnson Vermont I," acrylic on paper
Johnson Vermont I
Claudia Mengel
Summer Vacation
Claudia Mengel
Make Believe I
Claudia Mengel
Paul Michael Graves
Paul Michael Graves
Make Believe II
Claudia Mengel
Millers Pond I
Claudia Mengel
Paul Michael Graves
Millers Pond II
Claudia Mengel
Indulgence II
Claudia Mengel
Indulgence I
Claudia Mengel