Will Clift

b. 1978 , Santa Fe, NM

Will Clift explores gesture in sculpture through the interaction of form and balance. His sculptures consist of intersecting parts that stand in equilibrium. No part is extraneous, and the delicacy of this balance reveals the fine line between weight and weightlessness, motion and stillness. He captures the moment between being grounded and taking flight, the pure potential of movement that has not quite commenced.

Beginning each sculpture with a form or moment in the world around him that captures his attention, Clift’s process relies on intuition and a carefully honed sense of balance and proportion.

For each of his elegant sculptures, Clift’s hope is that, ‘the balance between movement and stillness evokes a sense of harmony, playfulness and wonder.”

cv statement
Reaching Up and Out, Will Clift, Sculpture, Black Walnut Wood

Reaching Up and Out

Enclosing Form, Three Verticals

Three Intersecting in the Middle

Reaching Left and Right

Diminishing Form, Horizontal