Vicky Stromee

b. 1950 , Chicago, IL

Vicky Stromee’s fascination with photography began at an early age. Her father was an amateur photographer and her mother a painter and a pianist. From an early age she was immersed in the arts. Watching the magic of an image emerge from the developing tray in the basement darkroom; spending afternoons lying under the baby grand piano, with the waves of sound resonating around her. Texture, pattern, fluidity, and change – these earliest influences continue to unfold in her work. Ultimately finding her niche in nature photography, she uses a close-up lens reflecting a unique eye for composition and form.

“I’m interested in edges and intersections of transformation where one thing moves inexorably to become something else. When, for instance, does the caterpillar end and the butterfly begin? When is the moment when love fades into anger and resentment; when disillusionment erupts into a violent uprising; when order descends into chaos? And when is the moment when war turns towards peace; when unbearable grief shifts towards acceptance; or when pain gives way to relief?”


Reflections 3

Vicky Stromee, "Studies in Blue 3," chromogenic print

Studies in Blue 3

Vicky Stromee, "Antarctic Ice 5," digital capture

Antarctic Ice 5

Arizona Postcards 3

Frozen River 15