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Sarah Hinckley

b. 1954 , Cape Cod , MA

Painter, Sarah Hinckley is best known for her subtle, meditative colour field paintings. Influenced by the work of Mark Rothko and Agnes Martin, Hinckley’s compositions feature bands of soft, neutral colours, often interrupted by painterly drips, textured brushstrokes, or geometric insertions of bolder colour. Additionally, she draws inspiration from her childhood home of Cape Cod, blending the simplicity of colour field with insinuated landscape, incorporating beachy motifs and colour pallets into her clean, colour band compositions. Using watercolours and oils, Hinckley is deeply involved in the process of making and begins each composition with a general direction in mind, often taking up to one year to complete a single painting. Layering colours gradually over time, Hinckley carefully minds the shifts and changes caused as the materials dry or bleed together allowing the process to influence her progress.

cv statement
Under the Words (2), Sarah Hinckley, painting, oil on paper

Under the Words (2)

Changes a Shifting Outside (3), Sarah Hinckley, painting, oil on canvas

Changes a Shifting Outside (3)

After the Wind (9)

My Head is Full of Things to Say (4)

After the Wind (22)