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Sarah Benham

b. 1941 , New Orleans , LA

Sarah Benham is a Massachusetts-based artist whose straightforward figurative paintings subtly portray suburban New England society. Drawing inspiration from painters such as David Hockney and Alex Katz, Benham populates her soft, abstracted beaches, art galleries and living spaces with stylized, often faceless characters. While some of her figures are portrayed with defining features such as eyes or mouths, Benham’s brushy, abstracted, almost weightless subjects illustrate cheeky, familiar archetypes of the New England social scene. Benham describes her work as having, “an implied narrative and like a fleeting memory, there is a lack of specificity and detail. It is this lack of detail which allows viewers the opportunity to place themselves within these environments and to meander through her rich tableaux.

Sarah Benham, "Acrobats," oil on canvas


Sarah Benham, "Lyerly and Sarah. South Dartmouth, 1980," chromogenic print

Lyerly and Sarah. South Dartmouth, 1980

Sarah Benham, "Meadow Walk," oil on canvas

Meadow Walk

Sarah Benham, "Waveland. Mississippi, 1993," chromogenic print

Waveland. Mississippi, 1993

Sarah Benham, "Orange Dress," oil on canvas

Orange Dress