Robert Szot

b. 1976 , Houston, TX

Originally for Houston, Texas, abstract painter, Robert Szot, has been based in Brooklyn, New York since 2001. Szot began pursuing painting as a personal outlet and purposefully avoided pursuing any formal training in order to preserve his authentic voice. Central to his work is Szot’s internal process of creation in which he approaches the canvas with no expectations for the final painting. The first stage of each painting is largely contingent on his mood or state of mind at that time, but this emotional acuity becomes less influential as the work progresses and Szot grapples with the painting in a continual process of creating and solving problems both emotionally and within the composition. This process of generating and resolving conflict is reflected in the large scale of his oil paintings, in their gestural composition, and in his colors selections which often fight against one another. Over time, Szot has turned his attention from his initial fascination with New York’s history of painting towards his own role within said history and asserts that his objective is to forge and maintain a clear, authentic voice as a painter as he illustrates his internal life over the years.

Robert Szot, "Flores Con Crema," oil, charcoal on linen

Flores Con Crema

Robert Szot, "Untitled (Diamond Stack)," collage, mixed media on paper

Untitled (Diamond Stack)

Robert Szot, "El Rastro," monotype collage, mixed media on paper

El Rastro

Robert Szot, "Artists and Models Abroad," oil, charcoal on linen

Artists and Models Abroad

Common White