Rachelle Krieger

b. 1967 , Queens, NY

Rachelle Krieger is a New York based abstract expressionist painter and printmaker known for her extensive exploration of the landscape and natural phenomena such as electricity, light waves and wind patterns. Working in acrylic, watercolor, and oil on either wooden board or raw linen, Krieger experiments with texture and color to create complexly layered compositions animated by bold brushstrokes. On occasion, Krieger’s connection to nature brings her process beyond the studio as she experiments with complete oil compositions en plein air, going so far as to tie the canvas to the easel to keep it from blowing away. In doing so, Krieger seeks to imbue the excitement and spontaneity of the outdoors into her work.

cv statement

Cloud 9

Radiation I

Leaves Ablaze

Window Panel XI

Ravening Clouds II