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Perry Obee

b. 1983 , Cleveland, OH

Artist, Perry Obee, works across multiple media including painting, drawing, and printmaking. Having apprenticed with a Tamerind trained Master Printer for 9 years, Obee studied traditional stone and plate lithography, intaglio, and relief printmaking, as well as paper making and adhesive processes. His work addresses a struggle between perception and experience, emotion and intellect, beauty and the essential, balance and instability, unity and chaos, serenity and meditation. Obee is inspired by the liberated use of color and abstract depiction of space and form honed by Modern and Post-Modern figurative and abstract artists, such as Matisse, Bonnard, and Vuillard. Additionally, he is influenced by the graphic lines and economic approach to space in Chinese Landscape Painting.

cv statement

Large Tree

Walnut Cove I

Uneven Stack

Philo II

Marshall VI