Pauline Galiana

b. 1961 , France

Best recognized for her series, Shredded Impressions and Shredded Series, abstract artist, Pauline Galiana, woks in collage and painting to explore the tension between construction and deconstruction. Inspired by color, light and the concept of chaos, Galiana uses shredded papers, documents, notes, and paper artworks – what she refers to as ‘literal leftovers from different stages of [her] own work,’ – as materials for her intricate collages and wall sculptures. She constructs each piece through a meticulous, meditative process of shredding, looping, stitching, ordering and reordering each strip of paper into a collage of color and geometric patterns. Ultimately, Galiana seeks to explore the resilience of the human mind to seek and find meaning and order in entropy.

Pauline Galiana, "Inside 24," gouache on paper

Inside 24

Pauline Galiana, "Shredded 56," paper collage on paper

Shredded 56

Pauline Galiana, "Generation (L6)," dry pastel on paper

Generation (L6)

Pauline Galiana, "Inside 14," gouache on paper

Inside 14

Pauline Galiana, "Generation (L7)," dry pastel on paper

Generation (L7)