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Oona Ratcliffe

b. 1975 , Bolinas , CA

Ratcliffe’s paintings, seductive frenzies of color and neon line, are constructed in a framework of loose sensuality. Tending towards the acidic and artificial, saturated color is offset by impenetrable flatness, lyrical line deceived by careful manipulation, intricate image belied by an absence of modeling or brush- stroke. Ratcliffe’s work is a play of opposites—an endless search for frozen stillness in a world of constant movement and an inherent tension between outside and inside, transparency and opacity, nature and urbanism.



Day-Dabbed Dizzium

Hazardless Emerald

Oona Ratcliffe, "Untitled B," acrylic on canvas

Untitled B

Oona Ratcliffe, "Untitled," gouache on paper

Momentary Drift

Oona Ratcliffe, "Lausanne," acrylic on canvas