Norman Mooney

b. 1971 , Dublin , Ireland

Norman Mooney makes work that are at once physical and metaphysical. His works explore the elemental and cyclical synergies of nature. Materiality, pattern, scale and experience are key concerns within his practice. Norman makes sculpture, interior and exterior installations, drawings and works on paper; his methodology is one of experimentation and process with materials such as smoke, glass, steel and resin. In 2000 he established WorkSpace11 in New York City where he works with a team of architects and engineers.

Norman founded Workspace11 in 2000 to facilitate the fabrication of large-scale sculptural and architectural projects. The studio has a proven track of delivering large-scale projects within the built environment on time and on budget. The Workspace11 team includes architects, engineers, and artisans, who work across many disciplines and in a range of materials to meet the site-specific goals of each project.


Carbon no.51

Red Star

Norman Mooney, "Pencil on Panel No.21", pencil on panel

Pencil on Panel No.21

Line Drawing #6

Wall Flower