Michael Filan

Michael Filan’s painting process has become brushless. The gestures, drips and splashes that unite his work have become increasingly more intricate over time and address viewers in a language that is private, intense and consistently self-referential. Within the context of abstraction, Filan is constantly inventing a new vocabulary that employs gesture, form and notation. The intensity of color is used as a mystical guide that leads him through the creation process. Spacial planes are created on the painting’s surface that offer resting points for viewers to pause before further embarking on a journey of exploration.

Michael Filan, "Liberade," water-based monotype


Michael Filan, "Beija," water-based monotype


Michael Filan, "Cardinal Directions," enamel on canvas

Cardinal Directions

Michael Filan, "Sliced Grey," enamel on canvas

Sliced Grey

Michael Filan, "In the Farmer's Field,"

In the Farmer's Field