Mary Manning

b. 1950 , Hartford , CT

Mary Manning’s abstract paintings and monotypes are recognized for their exuberant color and strong graphic elements. Drawing inspiration from literature, music, nature, and current events, her work reflects a lifelong curiosity of experimentation and commitment to exposure to a wide range of creative endeavors. Of her creative processes, Manning’s painting method is slow and considered as she rearranges, adjusts, and develops a painting carefully over a length of time. Alternatively, her process is the print shop is characterized by spontaneity and decisive action as she, ‘gives [herself] over to the immediacy of the printmaking process.’ Prioritizing color above all other aesthetic considerations, Manning gives herself challenges to resolve in each piece such as working with a certain number of prescribed shapes or colors. Ultimately, Manning finds working within set boundaries liberating.

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Mary Manning, "Biloxi Wildlife"

Biloxi Wildlife

Mary Manning, "Rawal Pindi," monotype

Rawal Pindi

Mary Manning, "Lake Merchant 2," monotype on paper

Lake Merchant 2

Mary Manning, "Fledgling," monotype


Lake Felicity

Lake Felicity