Marcos Anziani

b. 1984 , Dominican Republic

Painter, Marcos Anziani, depicts characters and personal occurrences that brings the artist a sense of nostalgia in a childlike approach especially after being a stay at home Parent of two. Utilizing bold and confident strokes Marcos Anziani aims to create a story without imposing one, allowing the viewer to navigate such paintings without a preconceived idea while enjoying an aesthetically pleasing picture .

cv statement
Marcos Anziani, "Cuentos de Barrio," acrylic, oil on raw canvas

Cuentos de Barrio

Marcos Anziani, "Cortinas de Seda (Silk Curtains)," acrylic, oil on raw canvas

Cortinas de Seda (Silk Curtains)

Marcos Anziani, ""De Paseo" For a Walk," acrylic, oil on canvas

"De Paseo" For a Walk

Marcos Anziani, "Bachata en el Corazon," acrylic, oil on canvas

Bachata en el Corazon

Marcos Anziani, ""De Pelicula" Like the Movies," acrylic, oil on canvas

"De Pelicula" Like the Movies