Louise Crandell

Memory is a tricky thing, despite that, I rely a great deal on my own.

I was born in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains then moved to the Montana/Canadian border, then to upstate NY, then to the Atlantic coast and on to the glorious shores of Lake Michigan; they have all had a profound influence on me.

As Simon Schama observes in his book, Landscape and Memory, “I think the most intensely felt landscapes are the ones we walk through as a child. The dreamlike version is a place of effortless, bucolic sweetness. The nightmare version is a slightly scary, sinister, dense place.”

I have had many fine teachers and mentors over the years. Two stand out in my memory; Milton Glazer at the School of Visual Art. He helped me to see and to think. Dr Furman Fink at the National Academy of Art as It was known then, taught a class called the science of paint, that class gave me the knowledge to realize my visions.

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Louise Crandell, "So There," oil, wax on linen

So There

Louise Crandell, "Water Falling," oil, wax on linen

Water Falling

Louise Crandell, "light at the end of the funnel," oil, wax on linen

light at the end of the funnel

Louise Crandell, "Falling Floating Flying," oil, wax on linen

Falling Floating Flying

Louise Crandell, "Come Out, Come Out," oil, wax on linen

Come Out, Come Out