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Laura Moretz

b. 1980 , Hickory, NC

Laura Moretz’s paintings question the impermanence of form while depicting a state of flux. Through various poured techniques and layered drawings, each layer of Moretz’s paintings is informed from the movement of the previous layer. Finding a suspended stillness in the motion of the paint, Moretz’s paintings become a meditation on movement, and the constant search for stillness. Moretz’s paintings are experimental, energetic, and bold. Each painting is its own laboratory into the macrocosm of the universe.

Laura Moretz, "Drifting Alongside Chaos," acrylic, enamel, ink, marker, charcoal on raw canvas

Drifting Alongside Chaos

Laura Moretz, "Moving into Silence," acrylic, enamel, marker on raw canvas

Moving into Silence

Laura Moretz, "Distilled and Dissolving," acrylic, pastel, enamel, marker on canvas

Distilled and Dissolving

Laura Moretz, "Distance Storms Passing," acrylic, pastel, enamel, marker on canvas

Distance Storms Passing

Laura Moretz, "Follow me into the Dream," acrylic, pastel, enamel, marker on canvas

Follow me into the Dream