Kiyoshi Otsuka

b. 1944 , Gunma Prefecture , Japan - d. 2020 , Norwalk , Connecticut

Born in Gumman Prefecture, Japan, Kiyoshi Otsuka creates bold, abstract paintings which seek to portray the beauty and power of nature and our connection to the natural world. Inspired by the New York Botanical Gardens, Otsuka’s organic aesthetic is significantly informed by natural elements, particularly water. Working predominantly in acrylic, his aesthetic is informed by the liquidity of the medium. Through controlled gesture, Otsuka creates organic, multilayered, curvilinear compositions often comprised of carefully applied drip patterns. He states, ‘I recycle my own ‘ancient’ paintings and these layers of experience meet with the immediate act of painting to accomplish deep color and space, and a tangible impression of natural form.’

cv statement

Fubuki (Snow Storm)

Hatake II

Nagare Boshi 2 (Shooting Star 2)

Nami Shibuki (Wave)

With You