Judith Steinberg

b. 1941 , Long Beach , CA

I entered the art world through photography, but my interests gradually shifted to drawing, painting and sculpture. My sculptures explore the idea of drawing in space, a choreographed record of my studio moves, resulting in overlapping shapes and energetic lines, often fighting gravity. The two-dimensional pieces tend to take on a density and weight, sometimes feeling as though form has been carved or molded out of the page.

Be the work two- or three-dimensional, the focus stays the same. Although the pieces are mainly abstract, their roots lie firmly in nature, with inspiration coming from keen observation of flora and fauna: for instance, the unpredictable paths of fish in water or birds in flight. Early experiences in dance left me aware of movement and gesture. Whether I’m drawing, painting or constructing, process and discovery are the forces that pull me in the studio.

Photography kept me in black and white for a very long time. However, in recent years I have become immersed in the world of color, beginning with a series of collages, then moving on to mixed-media constructions, and now painting. One form of expression leads to another; media changes, the scale varies, color comes and goes, but my commitment to the process remains constant.

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