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James Greco

b. 1968 , New York, NY

James Greco is a Brooklyn-based painter and sculptor whose expressive abstract paintings seek to convey a broad range of emotion. Employing a variety of materials including oil paint, epoxy resin, house paints, and other mixed media, Greco’ process is physical and impulsive – often rotating the canvas or scrubbing away is broad expressive brushstrokes from sections of the canvas before attacking the canvas. Viewing his work as, ‘poems of the human condition,’ Greco states that his art, ‘is born and lives…’ in, “…the space between ugliness and elegance.’

James Greco, "Paper Abstraction 4," latex, enamel, acrylic paint on stretched paper mounted on artist frame

Paper Abstraction 4

James Greco, "Abstract Floral 7," acrylic, tempera paint on paper

Abstract Floral 7


James Greco, "Abstract Floral 3," acrylic, tempera paint on paper

Abstract Floral 3

This Place is Full of Dead Pigeons