Hugh O'Donnell

b. 1950 , London, England

After moving from New York City to the Connecticut countryside, English-born artist, Hugh O’Donnell, became immersed in the rich greenery and natural phenomena of eastern Connecticut. Through his painting practice, O’Donnell explored this new environment by investigating the organic world around him, seeking insight into man’s internal and environmental struggle for space and light – what O’Donnell refers to as his ‘Green Age.’ This Practice began with his large constructed paintings of the 1980’s and laid the foundation for his later exploration of primary physical sensation of natural forces seen and felt in the growing world around us.

While O’Donell’s primary practice is centered in painting, he has adapted new technologies and tools when needed to see further into the visible world. One example of this is his commissioned mural sized digital print and installation multimedia artworks that he began in 1994.

O’Donnell has exhibited extensively in major institutions such as The Metropolitan Museum, NY; The Museum of Modern Art, NY; Tate Britain, London; The Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo; and XLII Venice Biennale, Italy.


Red Fuse

That Moves the Water Through the Rocks

In the Fray

Crimson Bud

Crimson Bud

Folded Leaves 1