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Hugh O'Donnell

b. 1950 , London, England

Hugh O’Donnell sums up his primary practice as being dedicated to “the drama of the struggle for light and space going on inside us and in the world around us”. This endeavor is expressed through both subjective and objective study of the organic world perceived internally and observed in external natural phenomenon. This practice began with his large constructed paintings of the 1980s.┬áThese works set the foundations for his later exploration of a primary physical sensation of natural forces seen and felt in the growing world around us.

His primary practice is centered in painting methodologies but whenever new tools are needed to see further into the visible world he has adapted new technologies to advance this need. A grasp of new technology is second nature to O’Donnell and is displayed in his commissioned mural sized digital print and installation multimedia artworks that began in 1994. He is an artist and teacher able to cross the borders that traditionally separate specializations such as the humanities from the general sciences.

In the Budding Spring

Naples 10

Writing in the Book of Trees

Red Fuse

From the Solid Bases of the Light