Gunnar Theel

b. 1941 , Germany

Born in Germany Gunnar studied painting and lithography at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. In 1969 he relocated to the United States of America. German-American citizen.

In 1973 he resumed his career full time as an artist creating abstract oil paintings, and mixed media drawings at his loft in Soho, NYC. “Juxtaposing colors, lines and planes creates the desired tension across the canvas”. Public and private collections in America and in Europe.

In 1986 Gunnar trained himself in welding, creating small and large abstract painted, patinated or oxidized steel sculptures exhibited at galleries, and public sculpture parks in America. Public and private collections in America, Europe and China.

“My abstract steel sculptures, in the spirit of Bauhaus economy, are inspired by the house as body and vessel. Monumentality is integral to most of my sculptures irrespective of actual size. They invite multiple points of view, like encountering different sculptures in one”.

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