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Ethan Kolwaite

b. 1992 , Worcester , MA

Using his whole body to paint and move about the canvas, abstract artist Ethan Kolwaite creates large-scale oil paintings as tall or taller than himself. Kolwaite’s work is teeming with intriguing contradictions. Using vibrant color and a highly physical – almost performative – process, the artist reflects on dark, personal subject matter, such as death and mortality. Kolwaite’s paintings stand as a foil against his process and even himself as the creator. His very lively method of creation, as well as his bright, playful color pallet notably contrast with his dark, contemplative subject matter. As Kolwaite grapples with somber subject matter larger than himself, his paintings seem to translate the artist’s inner turmoil into an engaging visual experience.


Untitled 16

Untitled 41

Untitled 47

Untitled 22

Untitled 43