Dana Saulnier

b. 1958 , Boston , MA

Painter Dana Saulnier creates a singular dialogue with the history of painting. Clues include a nominal subject matter encompassing Titian and DeKooning: the ‘figure in landscape’. Significant also is Saulnier’s constant practice of drawing. His work arises in drawing and he terms his color, a ‘drawing palette’. It is through drawing that Saulnier has both worked out and transcended issues of appropriation so prevalent within his generation of artists. Superseding a program of referentiality, these mysterious images assimilate Saulnier’s life experiences: from bearing witness to his most important relationships, to reflecting his dwelling upon a few acres of rural land full of color and form. Dana Saulnier finds emotional depth and humility weaving together themes of tragedy and comedy.

Saulnier is represented in major public collections such as The Columbus Museum of Art and The Cincinnati Art Museum.


cv statement

Study for 'Still Night Falling'

Drawing (81514)

Study for 'Stacked'

Drawing for 'Surrender' (71817)

Dana Saulnier, "Oil Study (12921)," oil on paper mounted on canvas

Oil Study (12921)