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Cynthia Kirkwood

b. 1965 , Zurich , Switzerland

When I trust my intuition, the path forward is clear in all aspects of daily life, including my work. My mediums include graphite, ink, oils, gouache, screen-printing, and collage. My subjects vary but all connect to nature and inventions from the inner world, the collective unconscious. The key is to trust my intuition.

My work takes its shape without much thought through the composition, colors, forms, and marks; everything comes forward in its own time. The work is to dispel any doubts that may creep up and interfere. I practice being centered and try always to remain in the easy, open state where an immediate action follows every impulse.


Twenty Four Cups

Small Aqua No. 4: Beads

Horizontal Signal Pathway: Emerald Green

Unity Code, Red and Blue

Poppy: No. 5, Pink and White, Open Flower