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Claudia Mengel

b. 1954 , New York, NY

Claudia Mengel’s work comes not from direct observation, but by experiencing the world around her as she translates visual and emotional perceptions. With every creation, there is a new discovery, a new problem, and new solution. Working across multiple media from printing, to painting, to mixed media, Mengel produces wildly expressive, vibrant abstract compositions and atmospheric landscapes. Each time she approaches the blank space of paper or canvas, she embarks on a unique journey that is always unlike the last, and never like the next.

cv statement
Meandering II

Meandering II

Ladies Lair IV

Reflections IV, Claudia Mengel, Work on paper, Monotype

Reflections IV

Because I Am Happy

Claudia Mengel, "Make Believe I," pastel and ink on paper

Make Believe I