Bette Klegon Halby

b. 1941 , Detroit, Michigan

Bette Klegon Halby is a New York-based abstract painter and sculptor whose work extends the confines of two-dimensional space. Her inventive painted sculptures are made of canvas that is shaped and hardened into three-dimensional works.

Klegon Halby developed her unique methodology through intense investigation of her materials. Beginning by painting on raw canvas within a narrow range of shades of a specific color, Klegon Halby carefully considers each shade variation within a piece, likening the process to, “choosing a word in a poem”. By considering not only the form of the canvas itself but also the spaces between in equal measure, she manipulates the canvas to create undulating folds, often resulting in the illusion of movement.

cv statement

Night Shift Blues

Out of the Blue: Water is Life IV

Fight of the Bumble Bees

Night Shift Blues Revival

Round Midnight