Ann Conrad

b. 1963 , New York, NY

Ann Conrad’s work blurs the lines between painting and photography. In a process she refers to as “digital seeing,” Conrad zooms in to find vibrant pixelated patterns on her computer that originate in landscape, digital static, and the physics of seeing. Beyond her digital practice, Conrad is also a painter and a printmaker. Each work wrestles with the contrast between the imperfect geometry inherent in the handmade and the predictably perfect pixel grid of the computer-made. Conrad draws in the viewer with recursive, layered surfaces, that the cross-pollination of painting by photography. She hopes to call attention to technology’s ability to alter and enhance our visual reality and encourage viewers to consider what it means to still be made by hand.



Refraction VI


Ann Conrad, "Kerr Effect II," intaglio and relief prints with hand coloring

Kerr Effect II

Interpolation 6