Wind Driven Drawing 10 26 09

Andrew Mowbray

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  • 2009
  • pen on Mylar
  • 22 h x 76 w in.
  • artist notes
    The Wind Drawings, are created by a large analogue drawing machine, I built. This 19 ft. high steel and plastic device accounts for the actions of the winds variables, such as direction and speed. The machine transcribes the winds actions in pen on the surface of a Mylar drawing film contained within a large drum like cylinder in the center of the drawing machine. Each color on a drawing represents approximately 24 hrs and the periods from color to color are in succession. Contained in the bottom left hand corner each drawing is written the longitude and latitude of where the drawing was created, and the dates and times which correspond to each color. Each drawing is a succinct individual record of the wind in a particular place and time.